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          Message from the Chairman

          Thanks to the concerted efforts of our board of directors, management team and employees and following new development concepts and a prudent approach to business growth, the company has achieved better-than-expected results by stabilizing growth, deepening reform, addressing weaknesses and boosting efficiency to provide a more solid foundation for the development of CNPC as an integrated international energy corporation.

          Report of the President

          Against a backdrop of complexities and uncertainties in the business landscape and based on a prudent
          approach to growth, the company achieved better-than-expected operating results in 2018, with a
          comprehensive rally in operating indicators, by optimizing oil and gas operations, deepening reform and
          innovation, cutting cost and improving efficiency. The company reported RMB 2,739.0 billion in total revenue
          from operations and RMB 110.6 billion in total profit for the year.

          Operation Highlights
















          Financial Index

          Total revenue from operations (billion RMB yuan)

          Total profit (billion RMB yuan)

          Net profit (billion RMB yuan)

          Taxes and fees paid globally (billion RMB yuan)

          Key Topics
          High-quality Growth
          CNPC and 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up
          Discovery of a Giant Conglomerate Oilfield in the Mahu Sag
          A Holistic Approach to Increasing Natural Gas Supply
          China's economy is in a shift from high-speed growth to high-quality growth. CNPC, as China’s largest oil and gas producer and supplier, has been promoting high-quality growth to support the growing demand...
          The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening-up, as well as the 20th anniversary of CNPC’s restructuring. CNPC, as an epitome of the SOE reform, has witnessed a number...
          Since 2005, CNPC has been conducting research and studies to challenge the traditional understanding that no large-scale coarse sediment leads to few oil and gas reservoirs with scale benefits in sags...
          As Chinese economy continues to grow and the energy mix transformation and upgrading pick up the pace, the domestic demand for natural gas has been growing rapidly in recent years...
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          Annual Business Review

          Targeting at market orientation and economic returns, the company continued to optimize production organization and resource allocation, promote an integrated and coordinated operation on oil and gas production, refining, chemicals, marketing and trade activities, and improve internationalized business operation and service market competitiveness.

          Exploration and Production
          Natural Gas and Pipelines
          Refining and Chemicals
          Marketing and Sales
          Overseas Oil and Gas Operations
          International Trade
          Services Business

           2018 Industry Review and Outlook

          Recoveries around the world continued in 2018, with the order being
          restored in the oil and gas industry. Oil prices rallied as a whole and the
          markets were buoyant. The shift to low-carbon fossil fuels was a key driver
          of the global energy transition.

          Financial Statements

          Corporate Governance

          Major Events

          China National Petroleum Corporation

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