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          Chairman’s Message

          Interview with President of
          CNPC International Middle East

          More than two thousand years ago, Chinese merchant ships sailed across the Persian Gulf along the ancient Silk Road into ancient Mesopotamia, anchoring at the port of Babylon and reaching Baghdad, an important city and a key transportation hub at the time. This ushered in an era characterized by the splendor of both Oriental civilization and Mesopotamian civilization, and continuous economic and trade exchanges between the two sides...

          In 2007, Iraq opened its market to foreign investment to advance its plan for higher oil production. In 2008 before the ceasefire, CNPC became the first foreign oil company to enter Iraq to participate in the endeavors to revive the country’s oil industry. After being awarded a service contract for Al-Ahdab Oilfield, we partnered with international counterparts such as BP, Total and Petronas to obtain technical service contracts for major oilfields such as Rumaila and Halfaya...

          Overview of CNPC’s Operations in Iraq

          CNPC has been very active and outstanding in fulfilling its obligations
          and responsibilities, and it is a very trustworthy company.

          Ahmad T. A. Berwari, Iraqi Ambassador to China

          CNPC is a major participant and a technical service provider in the oil and gas sector in Iraq. It has participated in the investment and operation of four major upstream projects: the Al-Ahdab project in partnership with China North Industries Corp. and SOMO, the Halfaya project in partnership with Total, Petronas and MOC, the Rumaila project in partnership with BP and SOMO, and the West Qurna project in partnership with ExxonMobil, Pertamina, ITOCHU and Oil Exploration Company of Iraq. In addition, the Company also provides services such as oilfield services, engineering construction, mate-rials and equipment, and logistics support.

          Project Overview

          Oilfield Introduction

          Key Milestones




          West Qurna-1

          Located 180 km southeast of Baghdad, near Kut City in Wasit Governorate, and adjacent to the Tigris River

          Located in the agricultural region of Wasit with a majority population of Shiite Muslims

          Located in Amarah City,
          Maysan Governorate, Iraq

          Located in Basra Governorate,
          Iraq’s largest oilfield in Iraq

          Located about 50 km from Basra

          Put into operation in June 2011;

          Delivered an annual capacity of 6 million tons in November 2011 as required by the contract.

          Bid awarded on December 11, 2009;

          Contract formally signed on January 27, 2010;

          Phase I with a 5-million ton annual capacity put into operation in June 2012; Phase II with a 10-million ton annual capacity put into operation in August 2014, two years ahead of schedule; Construction of Phase III officially launched in April 2017; Phase III with a 20-million ton annual capacity put into operation in September 2018.

          Operating right fully transferred to Joint Operation on July 1, 2010;

          Initial production target achieved in December 2010;

          Technical service contract revised to increase CNPC’s equity from 37% to 46.3733% in September 2014.

          Project equity transfer completed with ExxonMobil and CNPC got 25% equity on November, 2013;

          CNPC’equity increased to 32.7% in April 2014;

          Equity structure changed in May 2018: ExxonMobil—32.7%, CNPC—32.7%, ITOCHU—19.6% Pertamina—10%, Oil Exploration Company of Iraq—5%.

          Support for the Development of the Petroleum Industry

          CNPC participates in the construction of Iraq’s energy infrastructure by bringing its advantages in integration into full play, and works with its partners to overcome difficulties, so as to help Iraq recover and boost oil and gas production and revitalize the oil industry. These efforts have helped Iraq become a major oil exporting country again and promoted its local economic recovery.

          · Restoring and Increasing Production Capacity

          · Promoting Local Economic Recovery

          · Enhancing Crude Oil Transportation Capability

          Projects CNPC has
          invested in with its partners




          million tons/year

          Phase II delivered annual capacity of six million tons three years ahead of schedule


          The Halfaya project met the contracted production target of 70,000 barrels/day 15 months ahead of schedule


          The Rumaila project achieved the goal of a 10% increase in production two years ahead of schedule and registered the highest production the oilfield had ever seen over the past 30 years

          Staff Development

          We owe our development in Iraq to the hard work and sincere cooperation of our employees, of which we are very proud. We make unremitting efforts to create more jobs, promote local employment, multicultural integration and overall development of employees, and strive for business growth in harmony with the career development of our employees.

          · Localization and Diversity

          · Training and Incentives

          · Health and Safety





          Local employment rate

          CNPC has provided jobs for the local people

          A Good Neighbor to the Community

          We owe our development in Iraq to the support and assistance of all stakeholders in Iraq. Therefore, following the business concept of “Caring for Energy, Caring for You”, we are committed to promoting local economic development and social progress and improving the quality of life of local residents.

          We strive to strengthen community communication, promote environmental protection, control environmental impacts, supply clean energy to local residents, and actively promote social welfare such as culture, education and health, in an effort to bring benefits to local people and achieve mutual benefit and common development.

          · Strengthening community communication

          · Controlling Environmental Impact

          · Guaranteeing Local Access to Energy

          · Promoting Community Public Welfare

          About Us

          As a major oil and gas producer and oilfield service provider in the world, CNPC has businesses covering oil and gas operations, oilfield services, engineering and construction, equipment manufacturing, financial services and new energy development.

          Our mission

          Our Goal

          Our strategy

          Cooperation Principle

          Caring for Energy, Caring for You

          To be a first-class integrated international energy company

          Resources, Market, Internationalization, Innovation

          Win-win cooperation for common development

          China national petroleum corporation

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