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          CNPC > Press > Features


          • CNPC in Iraq Sustainability Report online


            CNPC strives to be an outstanding corporate citizen and a reliable and preferred partner to our counterparts in Iraq.

          • 2018 Annual Report online


            View CNPC 2018 annual report online.

          • 2018 CSR Reports online


            View CNPC 2018 CSR report online

          • CNPC Supporting the Belt and Road Initiative


            CNPC, as China’s largest oil and gas producer and supplier, is working hard with countries along the route, promoting the creation of an open and inclusive oil and gas cooperation community.

          • R&D Progress in 2018


            Technology and innovation make us capable of coping with increasingly tough challenges in oil and gas exploration and development.

          • CNPC Highlights Overseas 2018


            Having oil and gas assets and interests in over 30 countries, CNPC is playing a greater role globally as the world’s 3rd largest oil company. In 2018, CNPC continued to beef up its efforts in overseas oil and gas operation.

          • Fueling the Future


            CNPC Attends the 27th World Gas Conference

          • 2017 CSR Reports online


            View CNPC 2017 CSR report online.

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