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          Environment & Society

          Our Commitment to HSE

          We are committed to the principle of "putting people, the environment, safety and quality first" and the goal of "zero defects, zero injuries and zero pollution". We endeavor to build CNPC into a resource-saving and environmentally-friendly enterprise.

          Case Studies

          We are solemnly committed to the effective control of methane emissions in the natural gas industrial chain, take active part in the Oil and Gas Industry Climate Initiative (OGCI), coordinate with BP, Shell, Total and other partner companies as well as all sectors of the community in their positions and initiatives in combating climate change, and carry out relevant cooperation. We participate in the drafting of OGCI-2040 Low Emissions Roadmap, conduct survey on methane emission along the industrial chain of the oil and gas industry, and jointly formulate with other companies the assessment standard for CO2 storage capacity of the oil and gas industry.

          Changqing Oilfield operates in five provinces (autonomous regions): Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi. About 70% of its oil and gas areas are located in the deserts and sparsely populated mountains, where, with a fragile ecological environment, environmental protection is essential. Following the concept of "improving the local environment whenever building an oilfield", Changqing Oilfield invests tens of millions of RMB each year in establishing and maintaining large scale carbon emission reduction bases and restoring vegetation on abandoned well fields and roads in the well area...

          To support Chadian government in developing its economy and benefiting local people, our company in Chad has been actively seeking materials and services that can be purchased locally on condition that they meet technical requirements, and has made reasonable offers for local material manufacturers and service providers...

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