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          CNPC > About CNPC > Our Businesses > Exploration & Production

          Exploration & Production

          CNPC is engaged in hydrocarbon exploration and production operations in onshore and offshore areas in China and is authorized to cooperate with foreign oil companies to jointly explore and develop some blocks in China. CNPC has overseas exploration and production activities in 38 countries in Africa, Central Asia-Russia, South America, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

          Oil & Gas Exploration

          Our exploration activities backed by advanced geologic theories and technologies have resulted in successive discoveries in the Songliao, Bohai Bay, Ordos, Tarim, Junggar, Qaidam, Sichuan, and Hailaer basins. In 2017, we increased 659.45 million tons of proven oil in place and 569.8 billion cubic meters of proven gas in place in China, exceeding 1 billion tons of oil equivalent in total for the 11th consecutive year. This has laid a resource foundation for the steady growth of our company.

          Development and Production

          We conduct a series of major trial development projects to address the challenges in efficient development of high water-cut, ultra-low permeability and ultra heavy oil reservoirs.

          We maintain steady production through enhancing dynamic adjustment of development programs, optimizing capacity layout, discontinuing marginal and non-performing projects, drilling more horizontal wells, and controlling natural decline of mature fields.

          In 2017, CNPC produced 102.54 million tons of crude oil and 103.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas in China.

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