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          CNPC > Human Resources > Localization & Diversity
          Localization & Diversity

          QQ截图20161213152523 With rapid development of international oil and gas operations, CNPC keeps promoting local hiring and HR management in its overseas projects in the host countries, and has cultivated a great number of technical and management personnel for the local petroleum and petrochemical industries. We advocate a respectful, open and inclusive culture, and ensure equal rights, equal opportunities and fair treatment to all employees regardless of their nationality, race, gender, religion or cultural background. By integrating diverse cultures, we strive to promote better understanding and trust among employees, in order to build a team of great cohesion and creativity.

          Management of Local Employees

          CNPC values the contributions of local employees and attaches great importance to local talent cultivation. We promote local hiring and encourage our overseas projects and oilfield service companies to offer more jobs to surrounding communities. We have Protocols on Local Employee Management in Overseas Operation in line with the laws and regulations in host countries, covering hiring, the monitoring of attendance, vacation, performance evaluation, incentives and penalties for each management process and position, to attract and retain outstanding local talents.

          Local Staff Training

          We provide local employees with training in engineering operation, business management and HSE by all kind of means, in order to enhance their skills and competence for key technical and managerial positions.

          To help local employees build the right set of skills required for a specific job, we encourage our overseas subsidiaries to set up training centers in host countries. Most of the trainees have become skilled workers, with some standing out as technical managers.

          Fostering Multicultural Environment

          CNPC embraces a respectful, open and inclusive culture. We promote understanding and respect for different values and traditions, and foster cross-culture cooperation in a culturally diverse workplace. Chinese employees are encouraged to learn about the laws, history, culture and religious customs of local communities. On the other hand, foreign employees are invited to visit our headquarters in China and experience Chinese culture.

          Giving Honor and Rewards to Outstanding Local Employees

          To achieve common development of the projects and individuals, CNPC vigorously promotes the material and spiritual incentive system for local employees, fully mobilizing their working enthusiasm and creativity. We regularly organize excellent local employee commendation activities, and honor them as Outstanding Employees or Excellent Employees. These employees include managers and key workers in the production line, who have made significant contributions to the rapid development of the company’s international businesses. Furthermore, some outstanding model workers may be offered visiting and learning in CNPC’s headquarters, Daqing or Changqing oilfields, and BGP, or even sightseeing tours in Beijing. Such activities have enhanced the local employees’ sense of belonging, value and honor, and inspired their future career development.

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