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          Wang Yilin meets with German partners and visits factories

          From May 12th to 15th local time, Wang Yilin, chairman of CNPC, went to Germany to meet with partners and visited the automation application factory of Siemens AG of Germany and the Heidelberg factory of ABB Group.

          On 13th, Wang Yilin met with Lisa Davis, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and CEO Gas and Power. The two sides exchanged views on the procurement of goods and services, key global projects cooperation, and technology and management experience. After the meeting, Wang Yilin visited the Siemens headquarters and Siemens Automation Application Factory.

          From 14th to 15th, Wang Yilin visited the Heidelberg factory of ABB Group. In the meantime, Wang Yilin met with Mr. Peter Voser, ABB Group Chairman and interim CEO, and Mr. Peter Terwiesch, member of the Group Executive Committee of ABB, and President of Industrial Automation Business respectively. The two sides indicated that they will promote and deepen exchanges and cooperation in materials and equipment manufacturing, equipment management, petroleum engineering construction, industrial automation, project management, and personnel training.

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