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          The Second China-Russian Energy Business Forum was held in St. Petersburg

          From June 6 to 7, the second China-Russian Energy Business Forum was held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Wang Yilin, Chairman of CNPC, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

          In his speech, Wang Yilin made four suggestions on how to maintain long-term and stable energy cooperation between China and Russia. The first is to adhere to the Belt and Road Initiative as the main direction of cooperation, and strengthen strategic connection and connectivity. The second is to stick to the concept of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation, and integrate the development goals of establishing a community of joint interests and common destiny into the specific projects run by the enterprises of the two countries, taking into account the interests of both sides. The third is to intensify innovations as a driving force in energy cooperation development, and increase investment in R&D and innovation of bilateral cooperative projects, and jointly tackle with key technologies, core equipment and advanced standards. The fourth is to deepen mutual trust, strengthen experience sharing and think tanks communications, constantly improve mutual understanding, accumulate cooperation consensus, find new growth points of energy cooperation between China and Russia, and form a new cooperation atmosphere. Wang Yilin said that CNPC is willing to work together with petroleum companies in Russia to make the China-Russian Energy Business Forum an important platform for China-Russian energy cooperation and invite energy enterprises from both sides to participate in it.

          The theme of this forum is "Promoting China-Russian energy cooperationon the whole industrial chain", on the existing basis, aiming to further enhance the level of China-Russian energy cooperation. The forum also set up three sub-forums on oil and gas, electricity and finance.

          During the forum, Wang Yilin held separate meetings with Gazprom Chairman Alexey Miller, and Total CEO Patrick Pouyanne. They exchanged in-depth views on strengthening oil and gas cooperation respectively.

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