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          CNPC > Press > Speeches


          Natural Gas, Realistic Choice to Green & Low Carbon Future

          Speech on the G20 Gas Day, Beijing

          Xu Wenrong, Vice President

          June 29, 2016

          Adapting to Global Energy Pattern Adjustment, Embracing a Brighter Future of Petroleum Industry through Technological Innovation

          Keynote Speech at CEO Plenary of 2013 IPTC, Beijing

          Zhou Jiping, President

          March 26, 2013

          The Rapidly Growing World and Chinese Natural Gas Markets

          25th World Gas Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

          Zhou Jiping, President

          June 7, 2012

          Technology, Cooperation & Innovation: Making Energy Available to All

          Keynote address for Plenary Session at 20th World Petroleum Congress, Doha

          Zhou Jiping, President

          December 8, 2011

          China's Natural Gas Demand and CNPC's Natural Gas Business Strategy

          Zhou Jiping, Vice President

          Nov. 30, 2010, Doha

          In Pursuit of Harmony: Petroleum Industry Development, Global Climate Change & the Environment

          A speech given at the 2010 China International Energy Forum and the Workshop for Energy and Climate Change, Beijing

          Wang Yilin, Vice President

          October 2010

          Embracing the Low Carbon Economy of Sustainable Energy Development

          A speech from the "International Petroleum Technology Conference", Doha

          Zhou Jiping, Vice President

          December 7, 2009

          Embracing the Era of Low Carbon Economy

          Speech Delivered at 34th Annual Conference of International Futures Association, Miami, Florida

          Wang Guoliang, CFO of CNPC

          March 12, 2009

          Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

          Theme speech at the Sino-Swedish Senior-Level Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, Beijing

          Vice President

          April 14, 2008

          Adhering to Mutual Benefits and Achieving Common Development

          Speech at the 2008 China-Kazakhstan Senior Business Forum, Beijing

          Zhou Jiping, Vice President

          April 9, 2008

          Tapping the Potentials of Mature Oilfields—CNPC's Practices in China's Eastern Oilfields

          Keynote Address at CERAWEEK 2007, Houston, Texas

          Xu Wenrong, Assistant President

          February 13, 2007

          Strengthening International Exchanges and Cooperationfor Sustainable Oil & Gas Growth

          Keynote Address at International Oil & Gas Conference in China 2006

          Zhou Jiping, Vice President

          December 5, 2006

          Summary of Keynote Address

          The Fourth NOC Forum in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

          Presentation by Zhou Jiping, Vice President

          November 24-26, 2006

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