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          CNPC > Human Resources > Training & Development
          Training & Development

          development_Trainning-180-115 CNPC respects the personalities and interests of employees and pays attention to their career plans. Through the skills cultivation, selection and allocation mechanism, we try to create a suitable development channel for every employee.


          We give priority to employee training and offer a range of training programs to improve the skill levels of our staff in a variety of ways, such as job-specific training, remote education and skill competitions. We have established an effective training network and remote education network, through which we provide lifelong education to our employees. Besides training, we also provide vocational education. A technician training system is occupied to train frontline teams and cultivate highly skilled staff.

          On the basis of promoting all-staff training, our employee training system has evolved over time with better training facilities and innovative online programs in four areas, i.e. management, skills, technologies and international teambuilding. Based on business development needs, different kinds of employee training programs are offered at different levels, resulting in a remarkable improvement in employee’s competency and performance.

          Building training bases and improving training facilities

          Based on the modern enterprise training concept, we continuously improve the construction of our training bases and network, and provide training for all employees through knowledge training, professional training, post training, off-job training and spare-time training, and make great efforts to realize the positive interaction between employee growth and company development.

          In October 2010, the first Stimulation Training System installed with 29 modes of facility operation became operational in Daqing Petrochemical Training Centre. In 2012, we invested more than RMB 100 million in building seven key training bases and enterprise field training bases. Our training centers in Daqing and Guangzhou were approved as national emergency drill bases. In 2013, we set up a training center at Qinghai Oilfield, which was awarded the title of National Workers Vocational Skill Training Base by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions.

          We continuously reinforce the construction of overseas training facilities to help train foreign employees. These facilities include training centers set up by BGP in the United States, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Nigeria and Iraq; and four training centers set up by CPECC in Sudan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iraq. The technical level of local employees was improved by a variety of training sessions offered at these facilities. In addition, we launched cooperation on education, research and training between the University of Basra and the China University of Petroleum (Beijing), which was aimed at improving the skill levels of local employees in Iraq and cultivating young talents for the local oil industry.

          E-Learning Platform

          As a specialized remote training institution, CNPC E-learning College is devoted to establishing a modern enterprise training system offering both classroom and online training. By leveraging the network training resources of CNPC and its subsidiaries, the college provides employees with an autonomic learning platform.

          The E-Learning Platform was launched in August 2006 to provide employees with course material and resources for continuing education, job training, as well as on-the-job, graduate, undergraduate and junior college education, and tailored training packages. The E-Learning Platform has been improved through the years with enriched course materials.

          Career Development

          We pay close attention to employees' career development, and provide a targeted cultivation and development platform to realize the growth of both the Company and our employees.

          We continuously improve unified, standard and scientific mechanisms on talent evaluation, performance management, and incentives and restrictions, striving to create an enabling environment for excellent employees to standout and make the most of their abilities. We attach great importance to the growth and development of three categories of employees in management, technology and operations. We also facilitate the introduction of high-level overseas talents. Relying on domestic and overseas projects and scientific research bases, we select young researchers to undertake major technical projects, and provide them with opportunities to fully realize their potential.

          In 2015, we carried forward the reform of the "double sequences" system for managerial and technical personnel in our subordinate research institutes and oilfield companies, and provided an independent, continuing and stable career path for the technical professionals. To help the technical experts bring their expertise into full play, we set up the skill inheritance network led by the national skill master studios and demonstrated by the company's skill expert studios. As of the end of 2015, we had accumulatively established 54 skill expert studios, including 13 national skill master studios.

          We adopt a knowledge-oriented distribution policy and create an environment encouraging innovation among technological talents. A series of talent-foster programs have been developed or launched, including the Petroleum Scientist Program, the Young Talent Program, the Operator Skill Development Program, the Innovation & Efficiency Enhancement Program and the "Petroleum Master" Program etc. Meanwhile, a total of 54 skilled expert studios are set up, including 14 national master studios, to groom high-level scientific and technological talents.


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